Here’s what others have said...

“Ability to engage the complete spectrum of physicians to front line staff with challenging and productive process education and implementation…”
Ambulance Operations Executive

“Stimulating application of management science to organizational issues…”
Psychiatry Department Director

“Provided me with what felt like a master’s in business management…”
Healthcare Administrator 1

“Superb facilitator and educator…”
Healthcare Administrator 2

“Delivered results far exceeding my expectations…”
Chair of Radiation Oncology, Wake Forest University School of Medicine

“Exceptional product development planning and control process manager…”
Professional Audit Team

General Manager of IBM Education in Europe, Africa, Mideast

“A leading force in IBM...”
IBM Executive

“Extraordinary facilitation under very difficult circumstances.”
President, Medline Industries

“Your guidance and methodology considered excellent by all...”
Navistar I/S Director

“Your strategy session provided tremendous dividends for Wilson Sporting Goods...”
Executive VP

Here’s one set of results from the world of billing and receivables management we helped a client achieve. The principles used to achieve them have been successfully applied to achieve similar results for a wide range of business processes.