Scope of Services

We offer a wide range of services to benefit your business, whether purchased as standalone offerings or as an integrated bundle.

Every service we offer is focused on our mission: to help your business excel in customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and profitability. Working in consultation with you, we'll do an initial assessment to design a package of services that will pinpoint the desired outcomes for your business and the steps needed to achieve them.

Our goal is to help you create results with a payback of two to three times your investment. Should you choose to bundle our services, we offer significant discounts, and of course, a timeline that is much shorter than a series of standalone projects.

These are proven approaches that have delivered amazing benefits to our clients. If you're interested in making your business the best it can be, let's talk!

Two minute video summary of the AMG services matrix in 2 x 2 shorthand

Three minute video summary of the AMG services matrix in 5 x 5 shorthand

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The time required to perform these services is presented as if
they are standalone projects. Bundling services together will significantly
reduce both the time and cost of the projects you choose to do.